Thursday, January 28, 2010


The rough weather continues here in the lowcountry with small craft advisories and rain but we made it work somehow. I had cancelled one trip due to the weather and decided to try and fish a half day with Justin and the boys from NC. We toughed it out and got lucky I guess to catch 10 fish for the day with most all of them in the teens. We had a big one hooked on the last drift of the day and we had our first Gamakatsu hook fail. It broke just below the barb and I guess that I may have damaged it earlier in the day removing it from a fish's mouth because that was the hot rod all day. They are calling for more rain and wintery mix on Sat. with breezy conditions but hopefully we can get lucky two weekends in a row. Al of this fresh water and temp. swings are just killing us here on the lakes. Hopefully we will get some consistent weather without the high winds soon.


Finally got a break from the weather and back on the water. I had Miss Barb and Donnie back down from Kentucky and we had a fair day. The winds were pretty rough until after lunch but we ended up with 9 fish for the day with the big fish being 22 and 23 pounds.