Sunday, October 18, 2009


I had Mr. Charles Ayers along with his wife, daughter, and grandson today on Lake Moultrie. The trip was a birthday present to his grandson and boy did he have a ball. He put 17 fish in the boat with most of them weighing 8-12 pounds, keeping enough for a fish fry and releasing the rest. The winds were awful early but let up around noon for us to get out and look for the fish instead of hiding. Hard to believe that we pulled this off today after such a bad day yesterday. Sometimes people don't understand how bad the weather can affect the bite. Like I always tell my customers: I am a guide, not God and I can't make them bite. However if I can't get them to bite it doesn't cost you anything and that is as fair as I can possibly be. This was their second trip with me this year and we are going to do it again in Dec. or Jan.