Thursday, January 7, 2010

12-21-09 THRU 1-2-09

Let me start by saying that this is the wettest, coldest, windiest Dec.-Jan.that I can ever remember in my life time. The lake is higher and muddier than I have ever seen it for this time of the year and the results of our recent trips tell the tale! On Dec. 21 I had Mr. Patrick Wood and the boys back again and the fishing was slow. We marked most of our fish on the South side of the lake along the old river channel but the water was so muddy that the fish just wouldn't bite. We ended up going to the North side of the lake around mid-day and picked up 5 fish with no big ones. We came back to the South side to make one more stop before calling it a day and didn't get a bite. On Dec.22 I had Mr. Richard Ditmar along with his son and grandsons and we headed to Moultrie after such a slow day on the upper lake. They ended the day with 7 decent fish in the box including a 32 and a 24 pounder. We had the eighth fish up to the boat and tried to lift him into the boat without the net because he was wrapped up in another line and the hook came out and we lost him. On Dec.23 I had Jordan and the boys back again and it was slow again on lake Moultrie with 9 fish for the day with the biggest fish weighing in at 26 pounds. On Dec. 28th I had Dennis Miller and the gang down and it was so ROUGH that I knew that we couldn't fish the lower lake so we stayed on the upper lake and that was a good decision. The water was the roughest that I have ever fished in and either the fish finally started feeding or we just plain got lucky. They ended with 10 fish for their efforts and they were all nice quality fish. On Jan.3 I had Mr. Que Motley back again along with his father and son Quinn. Again, the water was too rough to fish the South side of the lake so we had to go to the North side in order to get in water that was calm enough to fish. We hooked 7 fish and only got 5 of them to the boat and no big ones. All other trips were cancelled for these two weeks because of the high winds. Hopefully the cold winds will lie down and the temps will rise a little before Jan. 16th. The weather man is calling for 20 mph. winds again for this weekend so we have had to cancel again. Looks like it may be a long cold winter for us this year.