Sunday, December 6, 2009


I had Mr. Mark Proctor, his son Daniel, and his father in-law with me today to try our luck again on some Lake Marion cats. We went shallow at first light and picked up 3 nice cats quick but then they just quit. We managed to hit the outside point and picked up 5 more. We decided to start drifting about 11:00 and we managed to pick up 10 more before calling it quits at 2:00 with the box slap full. They managed to put 18 fish in the boat today with the biggest one weighing in at 29lbs. 14oz.


I had a trip planned for this week with Mr. Jeff, Jeff Jr. and Ms. Pam from Nc. We decided to do it early because of the success on Sat. and the wind was still blowing. We went shallow at first light and it was like a repeat of Sat. They managed to boat 34 catfish before noon with the biggest one being a 31 pounder. We set a new boat record today with over 550 pounds before lunch. They had 251 pounds in the box and threw back over 300 pounds with a few of them over 36 inches long. Just a unbelievable day!


I had Chad and the boys in from NC and the wind was blowing 20mph.+ for two days. We took a gamble and stayed on the upper lake to fish shallow water and boy was that a good decision. We put the first rod in the water at 7:35 and the box was full at 8:00. This is the fastest that I have ever seen the big fish bite. We kept 295lbs. and threw back over 120lbs. and were back to the hill at 10:00. To tell you how fast the bite was, I had a fish on the first rod to hit the water before I could get the second one in the water and it was like that for an hour and a half!


I had some of my repeat customers with me today, Mr. Calvin Mauldin and some of his friends as well as his wife. We managed to fill the box but the fishing really slowed around lunch time when the winds shifted from North to West. They had 12 fish with most all of them in the teens and low twenties. A really pretty box of fish for their efforts.


I had the guys back down from Hardie Inc. for a couple of days fishing and we had a blast. The bite has being better on Marion than Moultrie but the boys fished with me last year for a couple of days on Moultrie and we wore them out. I was just scared if I fished Marion and didn't do good they would think that we should have been on Moultrie so we went to Moultrie for day one. The fishing on Moultrie was slower than normal with us only boating 7 fish for the day so we decided to fish Marion the second day. The fishing was good from the start with us filling the box by 2:00. No real big fish but a box full of 15-20 pound fish and lost two big ones that wrapped us in the stumps.